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Friday, June 27, 2014

Castles, Dragons, Gods, and more.

This week I am involved with an event we call Share-A-Stitch. It is a regional seminar for the Embroiderers Guild of America. We take classes learning new embroidery, have dinners, learn whats going on in EGA, and just have fun. But, it is very time consuming, so my post this week will be short and sweet. Just another art post. Enjoy!!

Note: I am considering opening up a little side business in drawing for others, doing characters and such. What do you think? Based on what I have shown you over the last  few years of this blog, do you think I have a marketable talent?

My first piece to present today is a bit different than my others. I started this by staring at a small model of a castle and then went crazy with it. It was just for fun as I had nothing to do and pencil and paper near my hands. As I drew the castle I added the mountain. Then I turned the tallest tower into some sort of smoke stack. Then I thought it needed something funny behind it and added the dragon. Then, I thought it could use color, and viola....color.

My next contribution to the arts is this little number. I discovered a free app for my smartphone that let me draw on the phone itself. It was fun so I attempted to draw my main character. I found a picture of this handsome fellow and worked on the drawing. I have never worked on such a small area before, it was a challenge.

 This bit was a quick drawing of Bark. He is re-imagined into a different storyline of a different game. The game is set in the ancient world and the story is about all the mythical gods of the ancient world turning on humans when humans realize that they can actually kill a god. This version of Bark is only named Joshua and is from the lands of ancient Egypt. He was cursed by a wicked Djinn to look like an Egyptian god, when all Joshua wanted was to be a big strong handsome man to impress a woman he loved. The story, potentially, will involve his journey to kill the Djinn so he can change back, and what he learns along the way.

Last is something you should recognize. It is a compilation of several works of mine. This is the third, and perhaps final, bookcover for the Kai's Journey series by my friends Charles and Wendy Siefken. As you can see I put two figure drawings of mine together and imposed them over a painting based on a photo I took of a nearby lake.

I hope you enjoy my work, I certainly enjoy doing it. Let me know what you think. Good words go a long way to help an artist keep doing what he's doing. (That is assuming you enjoy what he is doing.)

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  1. I say, go for it! but then I am a bit biased! I love your work Dan so keep doing it!