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Monday, September 15, 2014

And we have a winner

 Well, somebody actually guessed it. After a week of tries and a lot of clues, at the last hour, someone finally got the right answer. This honor goes to Tressa Cochran of Oklahoma who guessed Arkenstone. This piece was inspired by The Hobbit and so the center panel was stitched as the Arkenstone from the story.

This piece was stitched for a national class through the Embroiderers Guild of America. With it I sent a letter to explain the pattern.

Here's that letter. ....

Thanks for playing and I hope you had fun. Next time I do something like this I will try to not make it so hard.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Bargello Challenge Day 5

Okay, this is it, the whole thing. This last panel should really help give you a big hint about the story. Remember the title is the center panel and it is a specific item.

BIG hints today

1: The bottom right panel is a river.
2: The top right are mountains.
3: The book is a prequel to an extremely famous series of books.

Now, let's see who get's it first.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Bargello Challenge day 4

Okay, yesterday didn't garner many new guesses. I offer the day 2 prizes for today to anyone who guesses it correctly.


1: The book that this is based off of has been made into very successful movies.

2: The bottom left panel is a forest.

Okay, those are your hints for today, here's today's image. Next to the last to be posted.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Bargello Challenge Day 3

Okay, so I've been told that this is too difficult. As such I am going to be nice and set day 1 prizes starting today. Yes, that means if you guess it correctly today you get the two books, the book mark, the rose magnet, AND bragging rights.

Again, if you have a guess let me know on Facebook through a PM.

Here are some hints that I've already given out there.

1. Its not an eye of anything.
2. It has to do with fantasy.
3. It doesn't have anything to do with a book I've written.

Some new hints
1. The name is one word
2. The name for the whole piece is what is in the center.
3. The four panels being slowly revealed are the story surrounding the center.

Now for the 3rd day's reveal.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bargello Challenge day 2

Day 2 of the challenge. One more panel has been uncovered. Click on the image to enlarge it to see if you can get a clearer picture. 

Remember, PM me your response on Facebook. 

Bonus: I'll give you a hint. It has to do with fantasy, but not one that I have written.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bargello Challenge Day 1

Recently I took the Bargello Challenge. No, this has nothing to do with dumping any sort of cold liquid on my head. Bargello is the name of a palace in Italy, it is also the name of a style of embroidery that was made famous at that palace. I took a six month long course through my local Embroiderers Guild of America chapter called the Bargello Challenge. In it I was educated on what Bargello was, how to do it, and what it should look like. Then I was to design my own piece based on that knowledge and it had to include several different styles of Bargello, a focal point, and be harmonious as a piece of embroidery.

Okay, stitching is something I am mildly experienced at....27 years of it to be exact. But, I have very rarely designed my own work that wasn't just a sampler piece. It stressed me out at first, then I came up with a theme to follow that helped me design and stitch a piece.

Now I am going to challenge you. The piece has a border, and a five piece center that makes up the theme. It tells a story that should be familiar to many of you. I have blocked the five panels and will show them to you progressively over this week, one new panel added each day. The first person to accurately name the title of the piece will win a prize.

If you guess it on the:
1st day: You will win an ecopy of The Crystal Needle on either Kindle or Nook, an ecopy of The Crystal Needle: A Christmas to Remember on either platform,  a bookmark with my art on it, and a rose magnet designed by me. Also bragging rights for getting it on the first day.

2nd day: You will win an ecopy of The Crystal Needle on selected format, the book mark and a rose magnet. Also bragging rights, but diminished for having two days of hints.

3rd day: You will win the bookmark and the rose magnet. Also bragging rights, but severely limited due to having three days of hints.

4th day: You will win either the Rose magnet or the Bookmark (Your choice). Also bragging rights, but only if you really want to brag about taking so long to get it right.

5th day: You will win the consolation prize of a signed copy of my first, terrible, book, The Jalan Chronicles. And bragging rights, but let's be serious by now you shouldn't be bragging.

Please don't post your guesses as comments here, go to Facebook and pm those guesses to me and I will tell you if you got it right or wrong. You may only submit one guess per day, so take your time and ponder the answer.

Okay, that all said, here's the first picture. Good luck.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Wait...who are you again?

Recently, as in last week, I posted in this blog about myself. It was an interesting post that garnered the most attention that I've seen around this blog in a long time. I was happy to see the comments and readers come by to read what I wrote.

However, I had one single comment that sort of stunned me. 
"You are an inspiration! You go girl!"

Why did this stun me so? Well, let me explain, and some of you should already see where this is going. In the past few years of my limited publishing experience I have had my work compared to Patricia McKillip, Mercedes Lackey, and even Anne McCaffrey. I am humbled to be compared to such wonderful authors, and I also suspect a touch of hyperbole on the part of those making the comparisons. There is one response I must have to all of this. I AM NOT A WOMAN!

I'm not angry, upset, or offended. I guess I am amused more than anything else, it was rather funny to read that comment. I respect the sentiment the person was conveying with their comment. But, I would like to set
the record straight for anyone curious.

My name is Daniel J. Peyton. I was born in Oklahoma in the twentieth century. I grew up around tornadoes and heat. I was raised in the church and am now a Sunday school teacher and head of the food pantry ministry. I have been writing since I was in the fourth grade. My dream since the fourth grade is to see a book of mine sitting on the shelf of a book store. I don't date, so no woman or children to speak of. I am an honorary member of Sigma Alpha Iota. I am part of the Embroiderers Guild of America. I sing, dance, and perform on stage whenever I get the opportunity. I am an amateur pencil artist and cover designer for books.  And I write my own bible studies to teach from for class.

Now, if you have any questions about me, any at all, ask them in a comment here and I will answer them. Okay, I will answer the ones that I see fit to answer, there are some details about me that I won't spill.

Thank You.

Note: The art I put into this post has nothing to do with it other than to show off what I can do.