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Monday, September 8, 2014

Bargello Challenge Day 1

Recently I took the Bargello Challenge. No, this has nothing to do with dumping any sort of cold liquid on my head. Bargello is the name of a palace in Italy, it is also the name of a style of embroidery that was made famous at that palace. I took a six month long course through my local Embroiderers Guild of America chapter called the Bargello Challenge. In it I was educated on what Bargello was, how to do it, and what it should look like. Then I was to design my own piece based on that knowledge and it had to include several different styles of Bargello, a focal point, and be harmonious as a piece of embroidery.

Okay, stitching is something I am mildly experienced at....27 years of it to be exact. But, I have very rarely designed my own work that wasn't just a sampler piece. It stressed me out at first, then I came up with a theme to follow that helped me design and stitch a piece.

Now I am going to challenge you. The piece has a border, and a five piece center that makes up the theme. It tells a story that should be familiar to many of you. I have blocked the five panels and will show them to you progressively over this week, one new panel added each day. The first person to accurately name the title of the piece will win a prize.

If you guess it on the:
1st day: You will win an ecopy of The Crystal Needle on either Kindle or Nook, an ecopy of The Crystal Needle: A Christmas to Remember on either platform,  a bookmark with my art on it, and a rose magnet designed by me. Also bragging rights for getting it on the first day.

2nd day: You will win an ecopy of The Crystal Needle on selected format, the book mark and a rose magnet. Also bragging rights, but diminished for having two days of hints.

3rd day: You will win the bookmark and the rose magnet. Also bragging rights, but severely limited due to having three days of hints.

4th day: You will win either the Rose magnet or the Bookmark (Your choice). Also bragging rights, but only if you really want to brag about taking so long to get it right.

5th day: You will win the consolation prize of a signed copy of my first, terrible, book, The Jalan Chronicles. And bragging rights, but let's be serious by now you shouldn't be bragging.

Please don't post your guesses as comments here, go to Facebook and pm those guesses to me and I will tell you if you got it right or wrong. You may only submit one guess per day, so take your time and ponder the answer.

Okay, that all said, here's the first picture. Good luck.

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