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Monday, September 1, 2014

Wait...who are you again?

Recently, as in last week, I posted in this blog about myself. It was an interesting post that garnered the most attention that I've seen around this blog in a long time. I was happy to see the comments and readers come by to read what I wrote.

However, I had one single comment that sort of stunned me. 
"You are an inspiration! You go girl!"

Why did this stun me so? Well, let me explain, and some of you should already see where this is going. In the past few years of my limited publishing experience I have had my work compared to Patricia McKillip, Mercedes Lackey, and even Anne McCaffrey. I am humbled to be compared to such wonderful authors, and I also suspect a touch of hyperbole on the part of those making the comparisons. There is one response I must have to all of this. I AM NOT A WOMAN!

I'm not angry, upset, or offended. I guess I am amused more than anything else, it was rather funny to read that comment. I respect the sentiment the person was conveying with their comment. But, I would like to set
the record straight for anyone curious.

My name is Daniel J. Peyton. I was born in Oklahoma in the twentieth century. I grew up around tornadoes and heat. I was raised in the church and am now a Sunday school teacher and head of the food pantry ministry. I have been writing since I was in the fourth grade. My dream since the fourth grade is to see a book of mine sitting on the shelf of a book store. I don't date, so no woman or children to speak of. I am an honorary member of Sigma Alpha Iota. I am part of the Embroiderers Guild of America. I sing, dance, and perform on stage whenever I get the opportunity. I am an amateur pencil artist and cover designer for books.  And I write my own bible studies to teach from for class.

Now, if you have any questions about me, any at all, ask them in a comment here and I will answer them. Okay, I will answer the ones that I see fit to answer, there are some details about me that I won't spill.

Thank You.

Note: The art I put into this post has nothing to do with it other than to show off what I can do.

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  1. You sound quite remarkable, Dan. I love your drawing and you obviously have a great sense of humor. With all you do, I can see why you don't date. How would you chose what to give up in order to make the time?I I'm very happy to learn a bit more about one of my noteable facebook friends. :)