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Monday, November 17, 2014

The Legacy Begins: Bitter/Sweet

First the sweet: 
Have you heard the big news? Legacy of the Dragonwand part 1 is up for sale. You can pre-order it on Kindle right now. Follow this LINK to go to Amazon.

If you want to help, and you know you want to, share this picture and the link. Don't forget to attach the hashtag #LegacyBegins when you share.

Now the Bitter:

 When I began writing Legacy of the Dragonwand I had a reader that had become a good facebook friend. Her name was Donna Standish. She had some hard times with family issues and struggles and so we would sit and talk to get our minds off of anything stressful. She loved my characters and my work and so I decided to name a character after her, Master Apothecary Donna.

Here is the blog post that I wrote about her and being an inspiration: Click Here

I looked back at our correspondence on facebook to find the name of her daughter so I could send her a copy of the book. I had not looked at the private message page between Donna and myself in a year. The last time we spoke was in late October of 2013. I had contacted her and asked if she would like to read the book even though it was still a rough draft, she accepted. My last message to her was sending her the book. I do not know if she read any of it, but I hope she did. The character is minor, but probably will be one of the most popular for her quirkiness and compassion.

One more time, before the book goes into full publication, thank you Donna for being such a great inspiration. I miss you today and hope to sit and talk about books again one day.

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