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Monday, December 1, 2014

Let me tell you a story

As you should, hopefully, know by now, Legacy of the Dragonwand releases soon. Very soon, in fact next week is the big day. I have worked very hard to get the word out and you have been kind enough to help. Let me tell you a little more about the story.

Legacy of the Dragonwand is set in the mythical land of Gallenor. The land is gripped by a fear of dark magic. Almost all the wizards of the land have been put into a deep sleep inside a prison so that they do not become corrupt and turn against the kingdom. The only way to stop this darkness from spreading is by finding the last Dragonwand and using it to destroy the dragon statue that has stood outside the capital of Thendor since the end of the wizard war. At least this is what Hallond, the head wizard under the king, has told everyone.

Markus, a young man from the valley, does not know what has transpired in the kingdom and unwittingly heads off to find a full wizard to help him get into the wizardry college at Thendor. He encounters an old wizard named Tolen who gives him a wand and a mission. He wants Markus to find the Dragonwand before the king and his loyal captain of the guard get to it. Markus isn't given much information to go on, only not to trust Hallond, the king, or the kings captain. Markus is reluctant, but Tolen promises him one thing, the dark and terrifying dreams that have plagued Markus his whole life can be ended by completing the quest.

Armed with little knowledge and a new and powerful wand, Markus leaves his home and family behind in search of the elusive last Dragonwand.

Be sure to get your copy of Legacy of the Dragonwand part 1 on December 9th, and why don't you come on over to a nice little Facebook party event that my friend Katherine is running in honor of the book. There will be games and prizes all evening.

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