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Monday, January 5, 2015

Where's my darn hoverboard?!

Happy 2015 everyone, I can't believe it's here. I remember back when 2015 was science fiction, not reality. Where's my darn hoverboard!

2014 was a good year for my writing. I completed one book, published two, and am preparing four more. I refined and polished a Christian novel, with a lot of help from very good friends. Now that novel is being queried to agents in the hopes of getting into a bigger publishing house.

The big event for me for 2014 was publishing Legacy of the Dragonwand part 1. That book has been several years in the making and I was anxious from the start about putting in the hands of readers. It didn't come out with as big a bang as I had hoped, but it certainly has been moving better than my other works so far. I eagerly await fresh feedback about Dragonwand from readers.

What about 2015? I plan on publishing Legacy of the Dragonwand part 2 this year. I have a little work to go before it's fully ready, formatting, cover art, that kind of stuff. But, it won't be long before the second half of the book is out there and you can find out what happens to Markus, Crystal, Treb and Kiin. I also have the third installment of The Crystal Needle in processing. If I can get it edited in time I hope to have it published by this coming Christmas. I worry that it has been so long since the first and second books came out that the third will be forgotten. But, all I can do is try.

Another new thing for me this year is a bit scary, but an important step. I am going to finally go out and set up in conventions and events to sell my books face to face with the public. I have heard good things about the success in this venture, now it's about time I started doing it myself. I have signed up for two events so far and have two more that look promising. The only hurdle left to worry about is money, and I already have some help within the family on that part.

2015 may not include hovering cars, holographic waiters, or colonies on Mars, but it looks bright and hopeful. I want to make the most of it. I can do nothing about yesterday, I cannot see what is to come tomorrow, so I must make today matter.