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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Winter Wizard part 2

Continued from yesterday, this is part two of four. Check out part 1 if you haven't already.

Chris pulled out the last splinter just as another blast of piercingly cold wind kicked up. “Where is this coming from? That exit must be huge if it is creating a wind tunnel like this.”
The path in the cave turned a bit and Chris came to a sight he had not expected to see. There was a room filled with stuff. Old furniture, lanterns with candles inside, books, and snowflakes. Hundreds of snowflakes were hanging all over the walls of the cave, each one about three inches across and incredibly beautiful. Some looked to be made of crystal while others were metallic with a glittery surface. In the center of the room was an especially beautiful ornament. It really wasn't a snowflake, it looked more like a star.
What is this place?” Chris asked quietly. He walked in and looked closer at several of the snowflakes wondering why they were here and who had brought them inside.
As the frigid wind picked up again he distinctly heard a small, feminine voice say, “Save me.” It almost sounded like the wind sighed out the words.
Who's there?” He asked aloud hoping someone would answer him.
The blue star twinkled a little and he heard it again, “Please help.”
It couldn't be the star itself, that would be crazy. Yet, it mesmerized him. He slowly stepped closer to the hanging star and looked into its glistening surface. It twinkled again as if light was glinting off of it, though there was no direct light source. He looked up to see that this little crystal star was floating in the air.
I must have hit my head and I am dreaming.”
Save me.” that voice begged again.
Chris now stepped back, sure that he had actually landed on his head and this was all a hallucination, or something. “I gotta get out of here.” he looked again to see if he could find an exit, the shadows were even deeper and he saw no way out.
Yet again the wintery winds swept through the cavern and he closed his coat against them. This time, though, he wanted to know where they were going.
Chris followed the winds around a corner and down a narrow part of the cave to a larger room that was spherical in shape. There was a bright bluish light emanating from inside along with a voice. This was not the same voice from before, it was an older mans voice.
Yes, yes, that's it. Winds of winter twist and blow, turn and tumble, snowflake grow.”
Chris slowed down and peeked around the edge of the doorway to see inside the room. What he saw was an old man with a long beard, heavy robes, and a tall crooked staff walking around a stalagmite of rock. At the tip of the stone spear was a snowflake similar to the others. The winds that came into the cave were stronger here, so strong that it made it hard for Chris to breathe. The winds spiraled into the cavern and as they came to the center of the room they began to appear like a wispy blue liquid twisting right above the snowflake. This funnel of cold streamed downward into the small flake and it grew in size.
This can't be real, this just can't be real.” Chris said to himself over and over.
Huh!? Who is there? Show yourself!” The old man heard Chris, which did not seem possible with how small his voice had turned.
Chris was scared, he didn't know why but he ran away from the now approaching old man. Rounding the corner back into the first room, he slunk down to the floor to hide. The old man did not follow him all the way, but stopped just inside the narrow passageway. He heard him say, “Must be my old ears. Oh well.”
Chris' heart pounded and he was on the verge of a nervous break down. “What the hell is going on?”
After a few minutes to be sure the old man returned to that other room, Chris slowly got up and looked around for answers. This was too real to be a dream, at least that was what he thought, and it was too weird to explain. There had to be something around here to make some sense of all of this.
What's this?” Chris saw a book sitting alone on a pedestal. It was bound in leather and had a crystal snowflake embedded into the surface. Right in the middle of the snowflake was a star like the one that floated in the middle of the room.
Opening the cover he came upon pages made up of some kind of parchment. The pages were very light and covered with elaborate paintings of words that were in no language Chris recognized. Not that Chris was a linguist, but he would know if this were Russian or Japanese or something like that. This language was not remotely identifiable.
I can help.” That small, distant voice called out to him.
Chris turned around and looked for who was standing there, but again he found no one else. “Hello?”
Please take me.” The voice was clear but still so shallow that he wasn't certain if he had heard that right.
Chris crept up to the floating star and looked at it again. Was it asking to help him? What could it be? Without another thought, he reached up and grasped the floating star. It was cold, very very cold. But, once it was in his hand, he was able to pull it away from where it was floating.
Thank you.” The voice was now very clear, as though it filled the room, though it was only in his mind.
He turned around once quickly and then looked up, “Uh...hello? Who's there?”
I am sorry to frighten you, but you must help me if we are to stop the winter wizard.” Her voice was soothing and yet commanding.
Chris was so confused that it nearly hurt his brain, “Stop the what?”
Please go to the book and I'll explain.” She told him.
He gulped and walked over to the book and stood there. “Okay?”
Turn to the first page.” The dismembered voice began to read, “Once, a long time ago, the world was a happy place and people were free. The humans and the fairy kind all lived together in harmony. The fairies protected the humans from evil magics. But...please turn the page.”
He turned to the pages with the evil men bringing in cold winds. The voice read on,“The Winter Wizards gathered together and decided to create their own kingdom. They cast a powerful winter spell and turned the world to ice. The humans were nearly wiped out and most of the fairy kind did not survive. Only my people, the ice fairies, were able to survive. We battled the wizards for over three hundred years to end their cold tyranny. That time period was what humans today call the Ice Age. Please turn the page.” He turned to a new page that showed a beautiful fairy woman. “I, the Fairy Queen of Ice, miscalculated the cleverness of the leader of the Winter Wizards and he escaped my sight. He finally confronted me when all our forces had destroyed one another. He confined me within this crystal so he would have no equal to combat with.
In the nineteenth century he began to once again gather the power to create a new ice age. Over the past two hundred years he has been draining winters of their power and turning each into a single flake of snow. Soon he will have enough power to unleash all the winters he has stored up and a new ice age will dawn on the earth. An age that, I fear, my people will not be able to stop.
Chris gasped, “So, global warming....”
There is no such thing. The warmer seasons have been the creation of this winter wizard. We must stop him.”
We? I..I am no wizard...I,” he paused, “Good lord, I am talking to a Christmas tree ornament.”
I am no ornament. I am the Fairy Queen of Ice and you are my only hope.”
Chris decided to make his choice to help “What do I do?”
Find two of the snowflakes and take them.” She commanded.
Chris gulped, looked around and picked out two ornate snowflakes, each flat and ice cold. “Alright, now what?”
You must....” the voice paused.
What? What is it?” Chris asked.
He is coming. We must leave.”
Just then the gruff old voice of the wizard boomed down the corridor, “I HEAR SOMEONE IN MY LAIR!”
Chris started breathing quickly and looking around, “Where do we go?”
Take the book.” she commanded. Grasping the book he placed the snowflakes inside the pages to keep them safe. Once he had it in his arms she said, “I have enough power to send a great wind. Take a deep breath and relax.”
Chris took in a shaky breath and relaxed as much as he could in his current condition. Just as the old wizard came around the corner Chris was sent flying back the way he first arrived by a furious gale of cold air. The old wizard shot out a blast of blue energy where Chris had been, leaving a white icy patch on the wall and part of the pedestal.
The heavy winds carried Chris toward the crack in the ground and then up and out into the daylight. He hit the ground and tumbled over and over, doing his best to keep his arms and hands locked around the book. Once he stopped he was face first on the ground, the book under his chest and the star still firmly held in his hand. He finally gasped in another breath as he rolled over.
Oh my God, how did you do that?” He asked.

No time, we have to move. My powers are very limited inside here. Get to your feet young man. RUN!” Chris ran with all of his might.

Look tomorrow for part 3. 

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