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Monday, February 16, 2015

The Winter Wizard part 1

I wrote this little short story a few years ago and only a few have read it. Check out the story of the Winter Wizard. Also, if you live in the East Tennessee area right now, don't blame's just a story.


 4500 B.C.
An old wizard in blue robes marched his way through the massive ice fortress. Before him stood the grand doors to the throne room of the queen. With one hefty swing of his magic staff he destroyed the enchantment that protected the doors. Inside was a glorious room built entirely of ice that sparkled like crystals. The wizard carefully stepped in, though the confidence was still shown across his straight shoulders.
A sultry voice echoed around him, “So, it has come to just the two of us.”
The wizard cautiously looked about, “The war is over, you lost. Present yourself.”
What would you do with me? Kill me?”
So many have been lost. Our kinds are all but gone. I promise not to destroy you if you stand before me and bow.”
Just then a very small woman dressed in blue flew toward him. She was carried by majestic crystal like fairy wings. “I WOULD RATHER DIE!” She produced an ray of white light.
The wizard thrust his staff at the light and deflected it, but the impact did throw him down. While on the ground he swung his staff through the air and caused a powerful force of winds to knock her away. She tumbled against a wall and then slid to the ground.
The wizard got to his feet and walked over to her. She was injured, more so than she should be by such a meager attack. Her injuries were deep and built by the years of battle with the winter wizards.
She coughed and then tried to flap her wings, “What now? Are you going to kill me?”
He knelt down and pulled out a star like crystal hanging from a string. Dangling it above her he shook his head. “Not this day.”
Suddenly she realized what he was doing. Her scream was brief and trailed off as nothing but an echo while her whole body was pulled into the crystal. Once she was captured he stood up and looked it, only a glow to show that it was occupied. Her voice came out suddenly, “I will be free of this!”
No. I will see to it that you never see the light of day again.”

6500 years later.
Christopher hiked over the rolling hills of the Smokey mountains while he looked for branches. Well, not just any branches. Some good, gnarly, ugly branches would be best. At least that is what he thought of the wood he was asked to find and bring back. His father was a wood carver who used roots and limbs to craft walking sticks. The sticks were then taken to local fairs and festivals and sold in a booth that showcased all of his various wood carving techniques.
Holding his coat in closer to him, Chris shivered in the cold breezes that cut through the naked trees this time of year. Thanksgiving was just around the corner and then soon it would be Christmas.
It doesn't have the decency to at least snow.” He muttered to himself as he watched his breath fog in front of his face.
In all the years that Chris had been living with his family near the Smokey Mountain National Park he had yet to see a single snowfall before January. He grew up away from these mountains and when he moved here he expected to see at least one white Christmas, but in thirteen years there hadn't even been a hint of snow around the holidays.
The wind picked up and howled through the trees. Christopher tucked both hands hard into the deepest pockets of his oversized coat and tried to keep what little warmth he had in the tips of his fingers from evaporating. “Oh, this is just stupid. It's too cold,” he bemoaned as he got to the last hill he was going to visit today before heading back to a warm house, though his father wouldn't be happy if he didn't find some sticks.
Now would you look at that.” Chris was pleasantly surprised to see a rather large old tree on its side. He had looked at this tree a dozen times and even cut a few old branches off, but now that the tree was laying on its side he could get to all of it. That must have been one heck of a windstorm last night to have knocked this giant over.
Chris carefully skidded down the slope, kicking up rocks and dried grass the whole way. The area wasn't on anyone's farm or inside the park, it was simply alone. Civilization wasn't too far away, at least when it came to these old hills. Why it was not developed or turned into a park a long time ago, Chris never asked.
All of a sudden the winds picked up again and nearly blew him over. They were bitter cold and so sharply raced through the bare branches of the old tree that it was whistling. Chris knelt down and condensed himself as much as he could against this blast of winters hate. “Good Lord, what is going on with the winds today!” He exclaimed. Then he admitted defeat. "That's it, I'm going home. I can come back tomorrow.”
When the winds died down again and he straightened up. Taking one step he felt something odd. The ground sort of sunk down, not just under his foot, but under all of him. The whole area seemed to jostle and move. “Okay, that doesn't feel.....YAAAAAH!” Without warning the ground crumbled right under his feet as a large crack formed in the top of a cavern below. He reached out and grabbed the ragged ends of the trees roots, his palms gathering splinters as he slid down. After what seemed an eternity, Chris got a firm grip on the old root and dangled there.
Oh God, Oh God.” he kept saying over and over, sure that the ground beneath his feet was so far below him that he would die if he let go. Slowly opening his eyes, Chris looked down. To his amazing relief the ground below was flat and only a few inches away from his feet. He let go of the root and dropped down the few inches to land safely.
That was close.” Looking up at the old tree that was now halfway down into the crack that had formed, he realized it probably wouldn't have been fatal if he hadn't caught that tree by the roots but he might have fallen bad enough to injure himself. And in these mountains, who would be walking by to help? “Ow ow ow ow.” He suddenly felt the fact that he had just ground about a dozen splinters into his palms.
While he plucked the splinters out like a poulterer picking pin feathers out of a chicken, he looked around for a way to get out of here. This cavern was not what he expected. The ground was almost like someone had purposefully carved it to be flat. And there was light coming from the other end. There must be a way out. Though the light did seem oddly blue with it being such a gray day outside.

Look for part 2 tomorrow...

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