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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Star Wars: Ashi's Shame prelude and chapter 1

Getting into the Star Wars mood this past fall, I penned my first fan fiction in the genre. I worked hard to try and keep it within canon. You will not encounter known characters, but a new story about different people in the Star Wars universe.

Note: I have not had this professionally edited. Please excuse any mistakes. If you find glaring mistakes, feel free to contact me privately on Facebook and let me know. I'm open for suggestions.  Let me know what you think. To be clear, this is a work of fan fiction and in no way is connected to or endorsed by Lucasfilm, Disney, or Del Ray publishing.

(start music)

Ten years have passed since the Empire was founded. The Jedi Order has been reduced to a few refugees hiding in distant parts of the galaxy. The dark order of the Sith continues to hunt them down one by one.

One survivor of the infamous Jedi Massacre was a young student named Ashi. For ten years, Ashi has lived with his people on the remote planet of Jahala. The Empire hardly even notices this world which gives Ashi allowance to continue his Jedi practices away from the enemy.

The force turns dark around Ashi as a new threat approaches. Something is coming to his peaceful world and he will be the one to face it. His shame will be revealed or his whole world will perish in the dark side...

To be continued...


  1. Thank you very VERY much! much easier to read and love it!

  2. 'Ex Capita Mea'
    ...Latin: 'outta my head'.
    You're funny.
    Wanna see summore HILLARYous things?
    Step RITE this Way... yells the carnival barker...

  3. Love this. Am sharing it to my page.